Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

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Area Code: 267
Prefix (NXX): 773
Calling outside U.S.: +12677736210
City: Philadelphia
County: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania
Usage: Wireless
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: New Cingular Wireless Pcs, LLC - DC

267-773-6210 is a Wireless phone number operated by the company named New Cingular Wireless Pcs, LLC - DC and is located in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 2677736210.

Comments for 2677736210

#1 Other

You're a dumb [***] American the economy s*cks even though the government will tell you different.   Some people were able to pay when they signed the contract.  Maybe they lost their jobs or something .  Think twice before you judge [***].

#2 Other

The problem with dumb Americans is that they take on things they cant afford. If you cant pay your bill, you dont need that smart phone dummy. PAY YOUR BILLS!!

#3 Text message

Calls and never leaves a message must have an iPhone 5 and using Siri

#4 Other

I have AT&T. Why is Verizon calling me?

#5 Other

It is a scam.  I called Verizon Wireless because I kept getting these calls and some texts as well and I knew I'd paid my bill.  They told me it wasn't from them and had me forward the texts to their fraud center.

#6 Other

Its dr*ggies from the Escape phishing for money.

#7 Other


#8 Debt collector

It's verizon.  They want you to pay your bill.

#9 Other

At this day and age of spoofing, I would not trust any call claiming to be Verizon.

#10 Other

I get phone calls 3 times a day! stop harrassing me

#11 Debt collector

I have been getting this call for years.  I do not owe any bills.

#12 Telemarketer

pest....repeat again again sales

#13 Other

IF you are receiving calls from this number and its an auto dialer. If they are calling a cell phone its illegal ( ACCORDING TO THE TCPA ACT OF 1991) look it up. They are liable for $500 to $1500 per call. I have 26 calls in the last month from 267 773 6210, 215 588 4665, 267 773 6139, 267 773 6199,  585 371 3056 all verizon auto dial numbers and im have a lawer looking into it to the toon of $13,000 verizon is scam artist and more people should follow through. I will bet they wouldnt be around for to long if even 50% of the people they have harrased followed up.

#14 Other

This is a Verizon Wireless Collections number.
They call multiple times a day and never leave a message.  However, if you call the number back you will be prompted to enter your verizon wireless number and can actually talk to a person if they are calling you in error.

#15 Other

yea its verizon they want money ...cant get wat i dont have ..[***] em ...they gotta wait till payday

#16 Other

I have received phone calls from an unrecognized number .. and no one answers replies when I answer or leaves a message.


#17 Unknown

annoying. actually dont know who it is. but calls 3-4 times a day, everyday. even Sundays. have it blocked but somehow still rings.

#18 Other

I have to poo

#19 Other

Time to pay Verizon

#20 Other

I paid my bill and this stupid auto dialer calls non-stop, saying to press 1 if it is me. So, guess what? I press 1. And it just keeps going on and on about, if it's not me, press 2. I kept pressing 1. I kept it held down until the tone gave out. I wanted to be transferred so I can yell at them: "yo, i paid my bill, WTF you keep calling for?" so I pressed zero. Nothing. It ignores the numbers I pressed. I ended up hitting every number on my phone. Nothing. Some idiot at Verizon does not know how write IVR  applications. IDIOTS work at Verizon, obviously IDIOTS!!

#21 Other

(from LeavenLaw.Com - evidently Verizon is going to be in hot water for their harassing calls)

If you have been receiving debt collection calls from Verizon, you could have a case for creditor harassment if their conduct violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Verizon collects debts and mortgage debts for other creditors. If Verizon calls you or sends you a monthly statement in an attempt to collect the debt, their conduct is governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA).

Once you hire an attorney for representation regarding your debt owed to and collected by Verizon and provide Verizon your attorney contact information, Verizon is no longer allowed to contact you in an attempt to collect the debt. Verizon is prohibited from calling you in an attempt to collect the debt. Verizon is prohibited from sending you monthly statements in an attempt to collect the debt. Verizon also cannot call your cellular telephone using an automatic telephone dialing system once you have told them you have hired an attorney or plan on filing bankruptcy. The automatically dialed telephone calls, called "robo-calls", invade your privacy and could violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA provides for $500.00 damages per call placed in violation of the TCPA and up to $1,500.00 per call if the call was knowingly made in violation of the TCPA. These auto-dialed cases can be very valuable to you if you take good notes on calls and let your creditor, Verizon, know that you have hired an attorney for representation and provide our attorney contact information.

If you are receiving calls from Verizon, answer the calls. Take good notes using the LD&B Communications Log. And then call the Leavengood, Dauval & Boyle Consumer Law Hot-line at (727) 362-4922 or send us an e-mail at representation@leaven***.com. We represent consumers in unlawful debt collection lawsuits at no up-front cost. You do not pay us any fee unless we win and recover monies for in such case, the creditor or debt collector pays our attorneys fees and costs. If we do not recover for you, you owe us nothing. That is our No Fee Guarantee. The attorneys at Leavengood, Dauval & Boyle will look forward to helping you.

Revoking Consent

To revoke any consent Verizon or its affiliated entities have to contact you in an attempt to collect any debt owed to them, including revoking consent to use an automatic telephone dialing system to call your cellular telephone, please either:

Tell them you have hired the attorneys at Leavengood, Dauval & Boyle to represent you, give them our contact information and then use the LD&B Communications Log to capture information regarding continued unlawful debt collection calls;
Send them a Cease & Desist Letter; or
Follow the instructions below to revoke consent with the above creditor via their website or telephone.

Phone: 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966)

#22 Debt collector

IT IS A AUTO DIALER AND IF ITS A CELL PHONE THEY ARE CALLING IT IS ILLEGAL!!!! I have received 26 of theses calls in the last month and they are all verizon. They deny it because it is illegal ( ACCORING TO THE TCPA ACT OF 1991) look it up. They can be held liable for 500 to 1500 per call. They also use many diffrent numbers here are some 267 773 6210, 215 588 4615, 267 773 6139, 267 773 6199, 585 371 3056. I have a lawer looking into it to the tone of $ 13,000. I suggest you look into it. Big corporations are not exempt from federal law especially bullys like verzion. They use and abuse not only their current customers but previous customers as well.

#23 Debt collector

I know this is Verizon.  I had a bill that was only a few days late.  They harass.   I paid this bill yet they still call.  

#24 Other

They have been calling me for over 2 weeks and I paid my bill. Last week they left a message saying they were reminding me of my bill due in June.
Can I still file against them?

#25 Debt collector

6 calls in 2 hours ... 2 calls in under 1 min.

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This caller was from Sundance Vacations - I filled out a survey at a hockey game.  I didn't answer - she left a message about a vacation that I may or may not have won - LOL

yeah just received a phone number from this number and they didn't leave a message... any respectable person with a prominent business would indeed leave a message. It's probably just some telemarketer or other.

it calls daily.  I wont pick up because I think it is junk and do not know the number

Pretending to be a power supply company that can lower your rates. Couldn’t get her off the phone. Tried to make me enroll when I had said NO!

Called and did not leave a message.

Unknown caller never leaves message. Typical spam/scam.

Spam call when I am on the no call list.

Didn't leave a message

Started out a credit card solicitation then some foreign sounding idiot became extremely vulgar asking me if I liked big or small [***], etc

mortgage for a new home

CID says Point pleasant PA...
Don't know anybody there FU! ...blocked

I still have not figured out if these people are scammers or telemarketers?

Here are some options that I (have done/will do/may not do) that will (help/won’t help)

1) Call Met-Ed if you’re a customer to have them stop giving out your personal info.
2) ATT has an option to block numbers for $4.99 (will help but I will not do this for that amount)
   b. They also said I could have my number changed for free, but not going to do that either.
3) Register on government do not call list donotc***.gov (I read this does not help but try it)
4) After 31 days, file complaint on that web site.
5) Call the Philadelphia police department to file a complaint (I will not consider this option, yet)
6) Find a legitimate address for these people and post it here. I would if I could find one.

If anyone else has other reasonable suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Who the hell calls at 7:10 AM?

When I pressed to stay on the line, it hung up on me.

do not answer

Did not answer.

Robot call
Federal case has been filed by IRS

ring and no answer from 5703540241 ...crank call

vacation specialist

No one there when I answered.

Caller location